This website is an online portfolio containing my web development, multimedia and games programming work.

I am a versatile programmer and graphic designer with commercial experience in both. I am currently working and living in Dundalk, County Louth (Ireland). I have previously worked in England and gained my BSc (Hons) Digital Entertainment degree while studying at the University of Derby.

This page is a digital Curriculum Vitae outlining my skills, work experience and education. The rest of the site is split up into three pages (Web, Multimedia and Games) and each section contains a brief overview of my commercial experience in these sectors, as well as demos and projects relating to the outlined disciplines.



Software Development

  • LAMP Framework
    • Linux good knowledge of the SSH command-line.
    • Apache able to open base directory and use url re-write.
    • MySQL/PosgreSQL Strong knowledge of relational databases; including functions, triggers and database design.
    • PHP (Object-Orientated)/Perl Excellent knowledge of Object-Orientated PHP. Including building and modifying a library of coherent class structured code, preventing SQL injection and working with the popular PHP based Content Management Systems (CMS) Joomla! and the Moodle Learner Management System (LMS). Basic knowledge of Perl.
  • Dynamic (X)HTML
    • XHTML proficient skill, including cross browser compatibility and delivering W3C standardised code.
    • CSS very knowledgeable of CSS 2.0 and targeting specific browsers (such as -moz, -webkit, -o). Produced to W3C CSS standards.
    • JavaScript/Ajax Strong knowledge of OO JavaScript, written to EMCA standards and validated using the popular JSLint code-quality tool. Good knowledge of the JavaScript jQuery library and the JSON data-format.
  • Java/C#/C++
    • Java Strong ability using Java SE and J2ME. Experience with the Eclipse and Netbeans environments. Used during the final year of University.
    • C# Good knowledge, used for early University programming modules. Experience with the .NET environments and the XNA framework.
    • C++ Good knowledge with DirectX 9 SDK in the .NET environment.
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
    • Proven knowledge of SEO, implemented in a broad range of websites. Resulting in first page ranking for Google, and a good success rate of gaining a top 3 spot.
  • Regular Expression (regex)
    • Good knowledge of regex, implemented in PHP, JavaScript and ActionScript 3.0.


  • Adobe Photoshop
    • Excellent knowledge of Photoshop 7 through to CS4.
  • Adobe (macromedia) Flash
    • Graphics/animation strong skill, producing vector graphics which are appropriately contained within MovieClips and efficiently animated.
    • ActionScript Excellent knowledge of ActionScript 2.0. Good knowledge of Object-Orientated ActionScript 3.0.
  • JavaScript based SCORM courseware
    • Excellent knowledge of the SCORM 1.2 standard, including communication with the popular MOODLE Learner Management System. (JavaScript based communication)
  • Adobe Premiere/After Effects
    • Good level of skill: Used for editing video in University projects, some commercial experience.
  • Adobe Soundbooth
    • Good level of skill: commercial experience cleaning and editing audio.
  • Adobe (macromedia) Director
    • Graphics/animation strong knowledge of raster graphics, masking and timeline based animation
    • Lingo (scripting) good ability; used for Multimedia and games programming at University.
  • 3DS Max, Maya and Blender
    • Good level of skill for modelling, texturing, skinning and animation. Used to complete multiple 3d modelling and animation modules at University. Blender used commercially.

Work Experience

  • 10/2009-Present Senior Multimedia Developer. Optimum Results Limited, Dundalk. (Co. Louth, Ireland)
    • My work at Optimum Results included producing in-house trainer evaluation software which contributed to the company maintaining its ISO 9001 - Quality Management Systems (QMS) standard. My multimedia development included producing SCORM compliant e-learning courseware which was compatible with the popular MOODLE Learner Management System (LMS). I also was an integral part of a team which produced a FAS compliant FETAC level-6 course. This involved producing SCORM compliant courseware for their eCollege MOODLE system, workbooks, activities and PowerPoint presentations. Additionally I was the website administrator for all our corporate websites. This work required knowledge of SSH to maintain the web services, as well as using Perl with the UNIX cron job task to write an automated program that would back up a number of databases and email themselves to me weekly.
  • 02/2009-10/2009 Lead Web Developer. Data Knight Solutions Limited, Derby. (UK)
    • My work at Data Knight included building the company website, work on a large e-commerce website and the development of multiple, bespoke flash applications. My work included liaising with management, decision making regarding the functionality of software solutions, as well as the delegating of tasks to produce software to deadlines. During the final few months of my employment I was tasked with interviewing new employees with other members of the management team. I also produced all of the graphical output for the company and I was the lead member of the programming team (PHP, SQL and DHTML). My Flash work included the development of a set of dynamic advertisements, mapping software, an audio player and a 'YouTube' style video/media player.
  • 12/2008-02/2009 Web Developer. Liquid Two Four, Derby. (UK)
    • My work at Liquid Two Four included creating a CD based corporate multimedia demonstration and the implementation of a large, user-base website using the Joomla! Open source content management system (CMS) with integrated Flash content.
  • 07/2008-11/2008 Web Developer. Freelance, Derby. (UK)
    • My work included creating a Flash portfolio for a small accessories company and a medium sized website for a dentist.
  • 03/2007-08/2007 Data Entry and Data Cleansing. Associated Northcliffe Digital (AND), Derby. (UK)
    • During my time at AND, I was responsible for uploading and maintaining data onto multiple job websites. This involved the use of Macromedia Fireworks for manipulating company logos and Microsoft Word and Excel for data entry and records.
  • 10/2006-01/2007 Stockroom Maintenance/Sales Assistant. Gamestation, Derby. (UK)
    • (Additional work offered Summer '07) My time at Gamestation gave me further insight into the sales aspects of computer games and consoles.
  • 11/2000-08/2005 General Assistant. (Part-time) Co-op, Stoke Lane, Westbury-on-Trym, Bristol. (UK)
    • (Part-time work taken during summer break after the first year of University.) This experience has furthered my people skills and developed my ability to work well in a team.
  • 03/1999-04/1999 Graphics Artist. (Work experience) The Right Impressions, Bedminster, Bristol. (UK)
    • During my placement I was introduced to Adobe Photoshop to create full-colour graphics for advertising purposes.


  • 2004-2008 BSc (Hons) Digital Entertainment (Twenty-Six Modules) University of Derby
    • Fourth Year 3D Visualisation (B-), AI Techniques for Games (C+), Network Programming (D+), Internet Entertainment Applications (B+), Multimedia Management and Production (B), Languages, Platforms and Tools (B), Mobile Devices (C), Applied Research Project (D).
    • Third Year (Placement) Applied Professional Practice (B-), Contemporary Issues in Professional Practice (C+).
    • Second Year 3D Computer Animation Production (C+), Professional Skills for Managed Work Placement (A-), Introduction to 3D Graphics Programming (C+), Games Development (B-), Interactive 3D Graphics Programming (C+), Introduction to Research Methods (D-), Group Project (D-), Multimedia (B-).
    • First Year Digital Entertainment Applications (D+), Communication and Web Design Skills (C-), Introduction to Systems Analysis and Databases (D), Computer Systems Architecture (D+), Programming I (D+), Programming II (D), Introduction to 3D Modelling (D), Mathematics for Computing (C+).
  • 2003-2004 HND Software Engineering (Three Modules) City of Bristol College
    • Systems Analysis (PASS)
    • Computer Solutions (PASS)
    • Computer Platforms (PASS)
  • 2001-2002 A-Levels (Three) Henbury Secondary School Post-16, Bristol
    • Physics (C)
    • Mathematics (C)
    • Chemistry (C)
  • 2001 GNVQ - Advanced Level (1 Year) Henbury Secondary School Post-16, Bristol
    • Information & Communication Technology (PASS)
  • 2000 GCSEs (nine) Henbury Secondary School, Bristol
    • Mathematics (C)
    • Double Science (B/B)
    • English Language (D)
    • English Literature (B)
    • German (C)
    • Geography (D)
    • Art (E)
    • Graphics (E)
    • Religious Education (D)